The Sureview Threaded Rod Connector

Special Anchors are specified for quality control, but how does one inspect the connector? --- What do you need on top of those squiggley anchor bolts? --- What do you use? --- The Sureview Threaded Rod Connector. Two bright orange indicators assure everyone that the two rods you are connecting have been properly and securely connected. The patented combination of the centering pin and the silicone do the work. No peering into dark holes.

The Sureview Threaded Rod Connector, or The STR Connector for short, is a wonderful tool for making sure that you are specifying the best, and that the structural ties can work as designed. It features an easy to read indicator so that you know when you have fully connected the two rods.

The Sureview Threaded Rod Connectors are available in sizes for 5/8" and 7/8" threaded rods.

The Benefits of Sureview

Holdowns are becoming more important to the wood frame building industry all the time.

If the holdowns are tested, and the anchors in the concrete have been tested, the steel connectors have been tested, what a waste it would be if there are only one or two threads connecting the rods. None of these objects can function properly (no matter how well they work) without all connections up to full strength.

Sureview is a Trademark of Sureview, Inc